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The difference between Lifestyle and Posed Newborn Sessions

February 26, 2019

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Tayonna Guinnip Images offers two different types of newborn sessions, Lifestyle and posed.  While both types of sessions are all about your beautiful new baby the outcome of both sessions is quite different. Below you will find a more in-depth explanation of what each session is, what type of images you can expect, and how to choose which type of session is right for your family.

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

Tayonna Guinnip Images newborn lifestyle image in black and white

Lifestyle newborn sessions are in-home sessions that focus on love and connection between you and your new baby. These images will include the whole family, as well as images of just the baby alone, I also love when family pets join in on the fun too. Typically these sessions last around 1 hour and do not require your baby to be asleep for any part of the session. These sessions are great to feature your babies nursery or another special spot in your home. Lifestyle newborn sessions are great if you have other children that don’t always love being in front of the camera. With a lifestyle session, they are able to play and interact with their new baby in a natural way making them feel more at ease. During a session, we will choose 2 or 3 locations in your home to capture your images. Most of the time this is usually the nursery, master bedroom, and the main living space. We will take multiple pictures in each location and you can expect at least 40 images from your session.


I also offer a mini lifestyle session which is 30 minutes long and comes with 10 images. For these sessions, we usually pick 1 or 2 spots in your home to capture your images. If you have other children I would recommend a full session so that they have time to warm up to me.

Newborn baby lifestyle photography done in home

With lifestyle sessions, I often get the comment that your house is too messy or not pretty as the homes in my photos. First of all YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLEAN FOR ME! I know what it is like being massively pregnant and so beyond tired, and then having a newborn and being even more tired than you thought possible.  When I get to your house on the day of the session we will take a look around, pick out a few spots, and if anything needs to be picked up I will move it out of the frame! Secondly, a very small portion of your home will actually be in the photos so it doesn’t need to be perfect. The other thing is that this is your home, your babies home, and pretty or not it is yours and that is special. It is the place you brought your baby home to and I think that deserves to be documented.

Newborn baby lifestyle photography done at home in elmira new york


Posed Newborn Sessions

Newborn baby photography session posed at home in horseheads new york

Like Lifestyle sessions, most of my clients prefer me to travel to their home to do their posed newborn session. I bring everything needed for the session and set up what is basically a mini studio in your home.  The main difference between the two is that posed images often require babies to be asleep so that I am able to safely pose them. Posing a baby also takes time which means that a typical session will last about 3 hours. Posed images include backdrops and some type of prop images, usually buckets or crates of some kind. Full Newborn sessions include 3-4 setups, which is typically 1 fabric backdrop like in the images above, 1 prop image, 1 set on the fur like in the images below, and then images as a family. Each setup has multiple images and for a full newborn session, you can expect 30 images. It is normal for babies to wake up during some parts of their session and also need to take breaks to eat and cuddle with mom or dad.

Newborn baby photography session posed at home in elmira new york

I also offer mini posed newborn sessions. These sessions last 1 hour and only include images of the baby wrapper/swaddled. Both Mini and Full Newborn sessions come with lifestyle style family and parent images. These images usually take place in the master or in the babies nursery.

Newborn baby photography session posed at home in corning new york
How to choose what is right for you?

Choosing which session is right for you is really personal preference and what you think would fit with the decor style in your home. Lifestyle sessions really focus on images as a whole family and posed sessions really focus on images of just the baby so this is a major point to consider when choosing the right session for you.

If you have any questions about either session you can contact me at

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