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What is a Fresh 48 Session? | Corning Ny Photographer

April 24, 2019

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Arnot Ogden Fresh 48 Newborn Session Elmira New York

Fresh 48 Sessions are my favorite type of newborn images to take! Below I will go over everything you need to know about fresh 48 sessions and what you should expect from your session!

What Is A Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 session is a session for families that want the first few hours of their newborn’s life documented without having the entire labor and birth documented. The session is held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life. These sessions are perfect for capturing and remembering those first moments between you and your new baby.  The session will include images of your new babies tiny toes, fingers, and all the precious details of your brand new baby.  Sessions include images of the baby along, with mom and dad, as well as new siblings if they are there during the session. This is not a typical newborn session I will not be bringing along any props or posing the baby. My hope is to capture your baby and family in the most natural and relaxed way possible.

Where does the session take place?

This is a great question because women give birth in many different settings and most people think that Fresh 48 sessions are only for hospital births. Fresh 48 sessions take place where ever you give birth at, home, hospital, birth center, ect! I currently shoot hospital Fresh 48 sessions at Noyes Memorial Hospital in Dansville,  Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville,  Guthrie Corning Hospital, and Arnot Ogdon. If you are delivering at home and live in the Hornell or Corning area I am your girl!

What is included in a Fresh 48 Session?

Fresh 48 sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes long and come with an online gallery of digital images. All galleries come with a print release and are able to print and share these images as you wish! The amount of images in each gallery varies but you are guaranteed at least 20 images with your session!

What to Bring to the Hospital

Most babies don’t enjoy being dressed and undress so I highly recommend keeping baby in their hospital Kimono top or a simple onsie (bodysuit) for their images. I encourage families to bring a couple of swaddle blankets to add your own personal touch to your gallery.  You can often find swaddle blankets that come in packs of coordinating colors that are perfect for your sessions and great staples to have for babies’ first year. I find the stretchy swaddles blankets work best June and January and cozys both have great options!

For Moms, Honestly, black leggings and a nice comfy top or robe are perfect so don’t stress too much on what you are wearing! If you don’t have time to do your makeup or do your hair, That’s okay. A quick brush through and a clean face are all you need to plan for as these images aren’t meant to focus on the love and bond you share with your new baby!

If siblings are coming along I’d just suggest a nice simple dress or a pair of jeans and a plain shirt, big brother and sisters shirts are perfect too! Please only plan on one outfit for everyone!

Please don’t bring along props for baby to wear or to be put in. If you are looking for those types of images a newborn session would be better for your needs!

When I Arrive

Although every session is a bit different there are a few steps that I will take when I first arrive. First I will open up the curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible. Next, I like to tidy the room up a bit. I do not expect you to clean or tidy before I arrive and I am happy to move things around when I get there!

If you are feeding your baby when I arrive please do not feel rushed, I am happy to sit and chat while you and baby finish up. If you would like breastfeeding images please just mention it and I am more than happy to do so.  If at any time, while I am there if the doctor or nurses need to examine the baby I am happy to wait. Ensuring your little one is happy and healthy is what is most important!

Arnot Ogden Fresh 48 Newborn Session Elmira New York

During Your Session

I like to start my sessions with baby alone in their bassinet swaddled up and cozy. After I get images of them swaddled I usually try to grab a few quick images of them alone in the bassinet unswaddled. Many babies don’t love being in the bassinet unswaddled, and if that is the case we will move on before they get too upset.  After getting images of baby alone I like to move onto family images and sibling images. After that, I like to do mom alone with the baby and then dad alone with the baby. With all the being said I take all my cues from baby and follow their lead for what I think is best.


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